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What is the correct way for Creatinine 1.9

Generally speaking, creatinine 1.9 for kidney disease patients is not much higher which is in CKD stage 2. Hence as a kidney disease patient, the treatment for kidney condition must be prompt and immediate. Otherwise, it will deteriorate....more

Is There A Natural Treatment For Patients with Creatinine 1.5

Creatinine is a major indicator for assessing kidney function. In normal case, kidneys are able to keep creatinine level in normal value range(0.5-1.2) by way of discharging excess creatinine out of body, while once your kidneys are damaged ...more

Is Watermelon Good for Kidney Disease

The patients who have kidney disease must pay attention to their diets in daily life. For normal people, we should have more vegetables, fruits, roughage and so on, but it may not have effective for these patients. If patients can control t...more

Is cucumber good for patients with CKD

Patients with kidney problems always have symptom of less urine because of damaged renal function, so, the toxic substances, metabolites, wastes can’t be eliminated out of human body. Patients must pay attention to diet....more

Whether patients with kidney disease can work or not ?

Kidney disease as a chronic kidney disease, which is difficult to treat and is easy to repeat, what’s more, the cost of dialysis or kidney transplant is expensive. Treating it do wastes much money, so, whether they can work to reduce the b...more

Kidney bad habits, do you have?

The kidney's job is to purify the blood. Blood not only carry the body’s needed nutrients, there are also some waste and excess water. Renal medicine expert reminds, some bad diet and lifestyle is very easy to damage the kidneys, need to ...more


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