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How Long I Can Live with Stage 2 CKD

Generally speaking, at the early stage of CKD, patients are difficult aware that they are attacked by the disease for the remaining kidney function are enough for supporting the normal metabolism and there is no obvious symptoms bothered pa...more

How Does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Reverse Stage 1-2 CKD

Generally, Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into 5 stages according to the damaged level of the kidney function. Stage 1-2 CKD has less kidney damage and have no obvious symptoms, so it can be reversed easily. Can Micro-Chinese Medicin...more

Is It A Worrying Level of GFR 65 on Stage 2 CKD

Many patients are always heard doctors talk about GFR. What is the GFR level? Is it a worryig level of GFR 65 on sage 2 CKD? You can talk it with our online doctor directly. What does GFR 65 on stage 2 CKD mean? Glomerular filtration rate i...more

Should I Worried about My Stage 2 CKD with GFR 60

Stage 2 CKD means that the kidney has been damaged mildly with the GFR of 60-89 ml/min. For the remaining kidney functions are still enough for keeping the normal metabolism of kidney, usually there is no obvious symptoms bothered Stage 2 C...more

How to Reverse Stage 2 Kidney Disease

Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is the early stage of kidney disease. And patients still have kidney function with glomerular filtration rate (GFR) ranges from 60 to 89 ml/min.Stage 2 CKD has no obvious symptom and because of that many...more


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