Why cannot your disease be cured for a long time?

1.The root cause of kidney disease is cell damage, which means the innate cells are damaged that are hard to repair, so it can not be cured for a long time.

2.Every type of kidney disease can bring fibrosis which can not be solved easily.

3.The current treatments are behindhand, some fall behind for several years, some behind for dozen decades, some for several decads. And they all can not treat kidney disease completely. So, no matter how hard we work, we can not see the obvious treatment effect. Maybe clinical effects can be seen, but the relapse of kidney disease become a must.

4.Most kidney disease hospitals have no sense of innovation, care and understanding about new treatments. So, there will be not an effective new treatment for kidney disease. This is one of its reasons. Click here to see the new treatments in Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital.

5.Patients’blood will be polluted if they have suffered from chronic kidney disease, however, it is hard to control with polluted blood. Unluckily, there is not a way to clear up the toxins in patient’s body from root in all western treatments and medicines. So, this is another reason.

6.Qi stasis causes toxin, high level of toxins will cause more serious Qi stasis, it is a vicious circle process.

We can not control or break out this vicious circle, so kidney disease can not be cured at one time with repeatedly relapse.

So, why can not we breakthrough the process?

Even if western medicine is specialized in clearing toxin, such as, antibiotic, blood purification, and other technologies are very advanced, it can not eliminate blood stasis effectively. By now, western medicine has achieved the goal of placing stent, taking out emboli, however, as for uncountable capillary meshwork, there is not a suitable method.

What about Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine can clear away blood stasis from the root, however, it can not discharge toxin effectively. To be honest, if western and Chinese medicine can combine, play their own advantages, it is possible to achieve a good effect. But, Chinese medicine and western medicine do not cooperate reciprocally, which affect the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western western medicine, cause the situation of treasuring western medicine and neglecting Chinese medicine. That is the reason why kidney disease can not be treated effectively.

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