Kidney Disease Patients Appear Fatigue and Poor Memory After Dialysis

kidney disease patients appear fatigue and poor memory after dialysis Some kidney patients on dialysis always complained they feel fatigue and have the poor memory after the dialysis. As we all know, dialysis is a direct way to treat serious kidney disease. However, every coin has two faces, the dialysis is the same. So there are advantages and disadvantages after dialysis. The fatigue and poor memory are the most common symptoms after dialysis. Now I will discuss the main causes of the two symptoms.

Causes for kidney disease patients fell Fatigue and Poor memory

1. Anemia

The main function of dialysis is filtering the waste out of the body, meanwhile, in the process of dialysis the kidney disease patients will loss some blood. And as the quantity of dialysis increase, more blood will be lose. What’s more? When the kidney is damaged, the function of producing steroid erythropoietin(EPO) is declining, too. As a result, the human body can not produce enough red blood cells which can lead to lacking of oxygen . So the kidney disease patients can feel fatigue and have a poor memory after the dialysis.

2. Lack of Protein

When the kidney is damaged, it can not absorb enough protein that the body needed. Protein, the most important nutrient substance, can maintain the normal operation of the human body. The dialysis just takes temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, so it has not ability to improve the kidney function. We can imagine that there is a little protein, how weak the body is! So the kidney disease patients can feel fatigue easily, as well as, they always have a poor memory.

3. Side Effects of Medicine

It is needed for kidney disease patients to have a lot of medicine to maintain their normal lives. However, as the saying goes, every medicine has side-effect. After dialysis, the kidney disease patients also need to eat a lot of drugs, so there are always some symptoms, such as: vomiting, muscle cramp, fatigue and poor memory.

Now that kidney disease patients have so many serious symptoms after the dialysis. So it is necessary for them to find a effective therapy to replace the dialysis. I hope the following therapy can help you a lot.

Micro-Chinese Medical Osmotherapy to treat  Fatigue and Poor memory after the dialysis 

Micro-Chinese Medical Osmotherapy, an original creation of our hospital, which combines the Chinese medical herbs and modern equipment. The main process is that, we make the Chinese medical herbs into tiny powder and put them into two medical bags. Then we apply the Chinese medical bags on the patient’s skin. It is supposed to correspond to patients’ kidney parts. At last, with the professional equipment’s help, the active Chinese medical composition can penetrate into the kidney part.

Do you know the main functions of this therapy? I believe the answer must be “yes”. Micro-Chinese Medical Osmotherapy can promot the blood circulations .When our active Chinese medical composition penetrate into the damaged kidney, the kidney cells will be recovered a lot and the kidney vessels will be expanded, too. Then the blood can flow unobstructed and can adjust blood pressure. Moreover, Micro-Chinese Medical Osmotherapy also can eliminate the immune complexes depositing on kidney and clean the internal environment . At last, your kidney function will be improve a lot. You also can get rid of the dialysis and live a better life.

Maybe you are a kidney disease patients on dialysis, maybe you are suffering fatigue and poor memory. Please do not worry it too much , because there still are some good therapies can relieve your disease. if you want to know more information about our therapies you can communicate with our online doctors, and you also can send email to kidneyhospitalabroad@hotmail.com.

Any kidney problems? Please consult our online doctor. The satisfaction of patient is as high as 93%.

If it is possible for you to come to China for treatment, we have the confidence to give you the satisfying treatment effect.

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