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Can FSGS Patients with GFR 15 and 21% Kidney Function be Reversed

Generally speaking, FSGS patients with GFR 15 and 21% kidney function are the stage 4 chronic kidney disease, at this time, patients usually suffer the more serious water-electrolyte disturbance and metabolic acidosis which really lower the...more

Life Expectancy for Dialysis patients with FSGS

What is the life expectancy for FSGS patients on dialysis? Perhaps it is a common question cared about by many people. Now here we will talk about this issue here, but we do believe that you will get something new here. How long is the life...more

How Long Can FSGS Patients Live with Kidneys Shut Down

How long can FSGS patients live with kidneys shut down, which is the question of most people curious about. The life expectancy of patients is related with many factors such as the specific physical conditions, the treatment patients take,...more

How Long Do People Live with FSGS

How long do people live with FSGScan become a question commonly cared about by people. Compared to other types of kidney diseases, FSGS is not easy to treat in the clinic. However, the treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital brin...more

When Should FSGS with High Creatinine Begin Dialysis

The appearance of high creatinine level tells FSGS patients that kidney function has been impaired, and more than 50% of kidney function has been lost. When to start dialysiscan be a common question cared about by patients, now we will talk...more

When Should FSGS Patients Require Dialysis or Kidney Transplant

In the clinic, FSGS is not easy to treat. When FSGS patients do not respond to western medicines like immunosuppressive agents well, the condition will develop kidney failure with a fast speed. Dialysis or kidney transplant will be required...more


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