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Can FSGS Patients Eat Mushroom

Mushroom is commonly seen in our daily life, with the rich nutrition and delicious taste, it is popular with all over the world. But for FSGS patients, they need follow a strict diet to protect their kidneys and preventing complications. Th...more

Can Patients with FSGS Eat Beef

Beef is commonly seen in our daily diet, with the rich nutrition and special taste, many people like it. but for FSGS patients, there are many limitations in their diet. Then can patients with FSGS eat beef? Both the nephrologists and dieti...more

Can Aloe Vera Juice Help FSGS Patients

Aloe vera has many functions especially in resisting inflammation, the root cause of FSGS is the ultra immune responses in kidneys. Then can aloe vera juice help FSGS patients? Now let us have a study. Aloe vera has been used in herbal medi...more

Why FSGS Patient should Control the Intake of Phosphorus

FSGS patients are suggested with the strict diet plan, among of these diet rules, low intake of phosphorus is the important one. But why FSGS patients should control their phosphorus intake and how to manage the phosphorus intake properly....more

Can FSGS Patients Eat Garlic

Garlic is the common condiment and it make the foods more delicious and special. But for FSGS patients, they need keep a strict diet plan to protect their kidney functions and prevent some complications. Can they eat garlic in their daily l...more

How to Live Healthy with FSGS

FSGS is the common kidney damage and it also belong to the Chronic Kidney Disease, which usually mean that patients can live a high quality life through scientific life style. Then how to live healthy with FSGS? This article would have a in...more


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