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Micro -Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to Treat End Stage Renal Disease

End Stage Renal Disease, the most serious kidney disease, threaten so many patients lives. In this stage, almost all the kidney function is destroyed, and the patients are enduring great pains. In order to help end stage renal disease patie...more

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Helpful in Reducing Creatinine 11.4

Nowadays, more and more patients are living with high creatinine level. Since having high creatinine in blood makes patients experience a lot of poisoning symptoms, patients are eager to find a treatment which can reduce high creatinine lev...more

What Is The Chance for Dialysis Patients Get A Recover with Chinese Medicine

Do you still think that as long as you start dialysis, it will be the only choice for you? Call for ONLINE DOCTOR. With the development of medical science, especially in China, the treatment for kidney disease is not only relay on dialysis...more

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy is a good choice

High blood pressure is a common symptom for kidney disease patients, most kidney disease may have the symptom of hypertension, if it becomes more serious, it will damage your kidney severely. So, taking treatment for hypertensive nephropath...more

how to treatment for Kidney Disease with Blood Urine of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Renal hematuria refers to the performance of impairment of kidney tissue, clinically, manifested by simple nephrotic blood urine, or hematuria withproteinuria. many kidney patients may have the symptom of blood urine, such as primary glomer...more

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Kidney Failure Patient Got Ride of Dialysis

Dialysis’s side effects make many patients want to die. If you ever felt the pain of continual vomiting and nausea? if you ever can’t sleep for skin-itching after dialysis? In addition, the frequency and high cost of dialysis also make m...more

Kidney Failure

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