Wish of Teacher’s Day for a Foreign Patient in China: Give a Meaningful Class in the Mid-autumn Festival

“I am surprised,I never thought that i would receive a bunch of fresh flowers and gifts and blessing of my students far from Moscow, and i should have ended up this day bland.” Daria said excitedly in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, when she received a bunch of flowers suddenly. Then she is talking with her students by video. Little did i think that doctors in here would congratulate to me on the Teacher’s Day.

55-years Daria is a secondary school teacher, who works in Moscow’s suburb and takes charge of physical and math teaching. “i became a teacher in 20s, most student’s patients were my student, i spend my life with children, i never leave my small town such a long time.” Daria said. I decided to come to china by hours of air to achieve Chinese Medicine Treatment is for my relatives’ persuasion again and again.

At the same time, Daria introduces her students in pictures and videos one by one, which is received from her students ten days ago, then is the opening ceremony. “This one is victor, he is a risible student and he loves playing the guitar, this long-hair girl is Bella, she is a quiet student, and painting is her love, and this boy with facemaking is Rada, who is naughty and clever......”

For seeing every students, 7-11 grade childs took this picture in line according to the grade, i feel myself is just in opening ceremony when i look at this picture in my phone.

Excepting teaching, i take charge of managing job of 7-11grades, which is like the adviser in Chinese school. I manage and teach students in five grades so that i was too busy to go to hospital until my illness condition aggravated for cold and it is difficult to control, so i decided to come to China for treatment. I must recover as soon as possible, there are many students waiting for me!

September 1st is also the date of school opens in Russia. The Director Liupan found that Daria is sad when she was making the rounds of the wards. Through careful talking with Daria, she knew that Daria is so sad for she can’t take part in the opening ceremony and congratulate with her students. Liupan said:” she is teaching students for 30 years, she never absent from a opening ceremony, so she is sad, after comfort, we decided to give her a surprise in Chinese Teacher’s Day.”

We add network video platform for her specially so that she can talk about student’s condition with substitute teacher. “i will tell my students to study hard and wait for me to go back to check their homework every time in video.” Daria said.

After sharing students’ pictures with us, she showed emails to us, which are all sent by student’s parents and it read: may she recovered as soon as possible. “ This one is Elijah, 32 years old this year, he is also my students, though his child is not in my school,he will congratulate to me in every opening ceremony and Teacher’s Day.”

“This year is an unforgettable for me, i will have the Teacher’s Day again after i leave hospital for my country, because the Teacher’s Day is the first Sunday in October in Russia.” Daria said, on the Teacher’s Day, my students will give me some gifts which is make by themselves or give a performance for me. Though there is not student by my side, i am happy too for achieving doctor’s flowers and gifts, it is meaningful for me!

After knowing the Chinese Traditional Festival-Mid-autumn festival date, she is planing to make a video connection with her students in that day so as to share the Chinese Traditional Culture and her feel at here with them. “I am expecting for the coming of the Mid-autumn festival so that i can give a meaningful class to my students” Daria said that It would be the most meaningful class in her 30-years teaching experience, and it is also her wish of the Teacher’s Day in China.

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