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Is Kidney Transplant the Last Hope for Renal Failure Patients

Kidney transplant is an operation that places new healthy kidneys in renal failure patients whose kidneys are failed to work so as to improve their kidney functions. However, is kidney transplant the last hope for renal failure patients? You...more

Can Dialysis Treatment Help Kidney Damage

Generally speaking, dialysis is the common option to maintain the life expectancy of renal failure patients. However, increasing patients find their renal functions decline with the dialysis process. So they are bothered can dialysis treatme...more

How to Treat Kidney Failure with Stage 5 Using Chinese Medicines without Dialysis

Kidney failure can be divided into two kinds: acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure. Acute kidney failure can be treated easily. Here, I will put the key on the chronic kidney failure. About kidney failure stage 5, how to treat usi...more

Does Creatinine 6.0 Indicate Dialysis

High creatinine level for kidney disease patients is one common and dangerous sign, which indicates the degree of kidney damage. How about creatinine 6.0? Whether creatinine 6.0 indicates dialysis or not?...more

How to Prevent PKD Develop into Kidney Failure with Effective Treatment

How to Prevent PKD Develop into Kidney Failure with Effective Treatment? Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic disorder in the kidney and usually affects more than one member in the family. Due to it is hard to control so that patients wor...more

Whether Stem Cell Therapy Is Suitable for All Renal Failure Patients or Not

Whether stem cell therapy is suitable for all renal failure patients or not? Maybe this question is what you want to know. Generally speaking, the answer is YES. It can be suitable for all renal failure patients. There are some risks in trea...more

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