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How to Reduce Creatinine 7.5 for Kidney Disease Patients

As we all know, creatinine is the produce of human metabolism. So if creatinine level is above normal range, it means that your kidney has been impaired and kidney function declines. If you have no right treatment with creatinine 7.5, the co...

Is it Good for Patients with Kidney Failure Do Kidney Transplant?

It is common that once the patients are diagnosed with kidney failure, they are recommended to do kidney transplant or dialysis. Now I discuss the former one. What the advantage and disadvantage of kidney transplant?...

What Are the Functions of Chinese Medicine to Reduce Creatinine 1.9?

Creatinine is a major indicator of kidney function. In the early stage of kidney damage, there is usually have no obvious elevated creatinine, so kidney damage tends to be ignored by kidney disease patients. However, when they find their cre...

How to control high blood pressure for PKD patients?

The goal of PKD treatment is to manage symptoms. Controlling high blood pressure is the most important part of treatment in PKD. Well, how to control high blood pressure? Read through the article, and you can find the treatment for high bloo...

What are the treatment methods for high blood pressure nephropathy patients?

High blood pressure nephropathy is a kidney problem caused by high blood pressure, which is a common symptom of kidney disease. Before tell the treatment for high blood pressure, I would like to discuss the symptoms of hypertensive nephropat...

The Effective Treatment for CKD Patients

Chronic kidney disease is a common disease in the world. Meanwhile, many people have been suffered from the disease, which live painful life. When they get the disease, they can not do what they want to do. So, as CKD patients, they must wan...

How to reduce the swelling for patients with nephortic syndrome?

I believe that slim figure is the dream of all girls, however, unluckily, swelling in the patients with kidney disease take away the dream. Is there really no way of treating this symptom?...

How to reduce occult blood for patients with CKD

Occult blood is an important index, which generally refers to the condition of our kidney. So what is occult blood and how to judge if it has influenced the kidney function. There is a case, which may help you know occult blood and how to tr...

Kidney Disease

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