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Alternative Herbal Medicine for Dialysis Patients with High Creatinine

High creatinine is one of the obvious symptoms of the kidney failure patients. And when the creatinine level reach to a certain degree, most of the kidney failure patients choose to do the dialysis. However, at the same time, the side effec...

Can the Kidney Failure Patients Alternate Dialysis with Other Natural Therapy

Nowadays, more and more kidney failure patients who are on dialysis have tried their best to find other natural therapy to alternate the dialysis. Until they heard the traditional Chinese medical therapies, they see the hope. So as a result...

Does Creatinine Come Down after Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients

The dialysis is a common therapy to treat the kidney failure. However, the creatinine of the kidney failure patients really can come down after the dialysis? Most of the kidney failure patients concern about that question. From the followin...

Do CKD Patient Require Dialysis When Creatinine Level Increases to 8

As we all know, the creatinine is higher and the condition of CKD patients is worse. And when the creatinine level increase to 8, that means the condition of the CKD has worsen to the kidney failure. There is a question do CKD patients requ...

What to Do for Kidney Failure Patients When Dialysis is Not Working on Kidneys

The dialysis is not unfamiliar to the kidney disease patients, and when their conditions worsen to the kidney failure, most of them choose to do the dialysis. The dialysis do can take away some creatinine, extra electrolyte and blood toxin...

Is Dialysis the Only Remedy for 5.6 Creatinine Level

Do you know what the 5.6 creatinine level mean? I will tell you it is a so serious stage for the kidney disease patients, because the creatinine 5.6 level means the patients conditions have worse to the kidney failure. So some of them are p...

How High can Creatinine Levels go Without Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients

Some kidney failure patients who dont want to do the dialysis have the same worry how high can their creatinine level will go without the dialysis. The reason for the kidney failure patients dont want to the dialysis is the serious side eff...

Can Timing Dialysis Improve the Kidney Functions for Kidney Failure Patients

Everybody wants to live a better life, so the kidney failure patients choose to do the dialysis to sustain their normal lives. And most of them have a same question can timing dialysis improve the kidney functions for kidney failure patient...

Kidney Disease

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