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Is Peanut Helpful for Patients with FSGS

Peanut gains wide popularity among people weather they are young or old due to the good tastes. While, can patients with FSGSC eat peanut? Is peanut really helpful for patients with FSGS? Firstly, the health benefits of FSGS are as followin...

Can Patients with FSGS Eat Lotus Root

Lotus root gains a wide popularity among people weather they are old or young due to its good taste. While, can patients with FSGS eat lotus root? Is it helpful to eat lotus root? This article will explain it in details. Firstly, what is th...

Diet Plan for FSGS patients

When people are attacked by FSGS, they need a strict diet to protect their remaining kidney functions and decreasing pains brought by symptoms. Here will list the proper diet tips for FSGS patients. 1. Low quantity but high quality protein...

The Health Life Style for Patients with FSGS

Patients with FSGS should pay attention to their health life style in daily life, which has significant meaning in the treatment of FSGS. First of all, keep a health diet. Keeping a health diet can reduce the workload of the kidneys as well...

The Health Diet for Patients with FSGS

For patients with FSGS, A health diet can contribute a lot ti slow down the progression of kidney damage and save the remain kidney function. Therefore, the renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital design a diet plan for pati...

Can Patients with FSGS Eat Parsley

Parsley is loved by the majority people due to its good taste as well as medical values. While, can patients with FSGS eat parsley? Hope this article will find out the answer. Firstly, lets the health benefits of parsley. Improving bone hea...

Kidney Disease

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