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Best FSGS Treatment in China

What is the best FSGS treatment in China? Is it different from the one in other hospitals around the world? Yes, we have to say yes. As a patient with FSGS, if you are not satisfied with the treatment effect of your current therapy, follow...

How Chinese Herbal Remedies Improve 25% Kidney Function and Increase GFR in Stage 3 FSGS

Many FSGS patients are disappointed when they heard that FSGS is can not be cured and even treated with medicines, the only thing patients can do is waiting for dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong their life. But more and more FSGS pat...

How to Alleviate Leg Swelling on FSGS

Almost all of kidney disease patients experience swelling in legs, which causes patients failed to walk well. Is there a treatment that can help patients to alleviate swelling on FSGS? What causes leg selling on FSGS? Generally, the health...

Traditional Chinese Treatment for FSGS with High Creatinine and Low GFR

Due to many reasons, such as poison damage, humoral immunity, the change of haemodynamics and so on, there are lots of proteins being produced and retention in capillary walls, causing ultra immune response and leading to damage kidney inna...

The Natural Treatment for FSGS Patients Avoid Dialysis

In clinical of Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis, some of glomerular will run into sclerosing lesion, as the kidney disease progresses, some symptoms may occur, such as fatigue, headache and so on, and then patients will be suggested to...

The Newest Treatment to Help FSGS Patients Avoid Dialysis

Focal Segmental Glomerulo Sclerosis is a disease that affects the kidneys filtering system and causing scaring and loss of large amount of protein in the urine. Generally speaking, FSGS progresses slowly and final lead to kidney failure. At...

How to Treat FSGS with Creatinine 1.8 and 50% Kidney Function

FSGS patients with creatinine 1.8 and 50% kidney function are in the key period to treat their kidney disease. Why do we say that? Because at the early stage of FSGS, there is no obvious symptoms with patients, so patients usually fail to p...

FSGS with GFR 20 : How to Improve GFR

When the GFR of FSGS patients is 20,it means that the FSGS patients are in the stage 4 kidney failure. With the low GFR 20, FSGS patients have to suffer a lot, such as high creatinine, blood urine and nausea. Than what we should do to impro...

Kidney Disease

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