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Natural Treatment to Lower High Creatinine for FSGS Patients

FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) is one of the most common causes of primary glomerular disease in adults. With the development of condition, high creatinine level seems to become a common symptom. Then how to lower high creatinine...

Can FSGS Patients Eat Peaches

Peaches is loved by almost all of people for the wide variety of medical values and good taste. While, patients with FSGS have many restrictions on their health diet, can FSGS patients eat peaches? The health benefits of peaches are as foll...

How to Alleviate Leg Swelling on FSGS

Almost all of kidney disease patients experience swelling in legs, which causes patients failed to walk well. Is there a treatment that can help patients to alleviate swelling on FSGS? What causes leg selling on FSGS? Generally, the health...

How to Alleviate Headache on FSGS

Headache is one of common symptoms for FSGS. Headache affects patients mood seriously, which results in patients can not do anything in daily life. How to alleviate headache on FSGS? Why patients have headache on FSGS? It is because that ac...

Can Dialysis Deal with Hematuria on FSGS

Recently, more and more patients complain about that they found blood in the their urine. How dose it happen? Can dialysis deal with hematuria on FSGS? FSGS is a kind of disease that kidney scarring occur in the glomeruli, which makes it po...

How to Alleviate Constipation for FSGS Patients

Constipation is one of complications for FSGS patients especially for end stage FSGS patients. Long time of constipation will lead to very serious condition. So patients are eager to find a effective treatment to alleviate constipation. Reg...

FSGS with GFR 20 : How to Improve GFR

When the GFR of FSGS patients is 20,it means that the FSGS patients are in the stage 4 kidney failure. With the low GFR 20, FSGS patients have to suffer a lot, such as high creatinine, blood urine and nausea. Than what we should do to impro...

Do FSGS Patients Have to Receive Kidney Transplant

In western medicine, there are nothing to do with FSGS patients but waiting for dialysis and finally to kidney transplant. Of cause kidney transplant is a better way to treat FSGS. It have got success in treating kidney failure and expend p...

Kidney Disease

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